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Our website
used a Japanese share server, it was slow to display in Thailand. a2network (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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  • We used a sharing server in Japan. As a result, the web browsig speed in Thailand was delayed.
  • There was a problem with SSL certificate renewal. As a result, the website page could not be displayed.

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  • We have used to AWS CloudFront to enable fast website rendering in both Thailand and Japan.
  • We used AWS Management Service to inprove the reliability of our website.
  • Classmethod (Thailand) supported that a2network (Thailand) get the most out of all AWS features and services.

    a2network (Thailand) Co. Ltd is a company established in 2008 that provides services centered on mobile phone services for Japanese people living in Thailand. It is a very familiar company to Japanese people living in Thailand and provides the following services. (

    1. Berrymobile : ( Mobile communication service specialized・MVNO for Japanese residents in Thailand. With value-added services and multi-language support that meet the unique needs of Japanese expatriates and Japanese companies expanding into Thailand, we are a mobile operator with the largest share of the Japanese market in Thailand.

    2. Skyberry : ( It is a borderless WiFi service that enables data communication in more than 90 countries around the world without roaming costs. With cloud SIM technology, it is a mobile router that can be used with the same operation method and communication charges as for domenic travel, even when traveling overseas.

    3. Wizberry : ( It is an integrated application (EMM) that can centrally manage IT assets such as smartphones, tablets, and notebook PCs for corporations, and can take security measures such as remote locks and wipes according to individual company policies. We also provide sublicenses to AIS, the largest carrier in Thailand.

    4. Cloud Room : ( Intelligently Store Your Items in CloudRoom Enhance Your Infinite Lifestyle Simply via Smartphone “KEEP YOUR ITEMS AT EASE, SAFELY STORE IN SMARTPHONE.”

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    a2network services

    We use WordPress primarily for the purpose of delivering content. I set up a nignx server on EC2 on AWS, used mysql for RDS, and EC2 uses a load balancer with a two-unit configuration. I used to use a shared server in Japan before, but during the lunch break in Japan and the time after leaving the office, access is slow, and the annual contract certificate has not been renewed, so I can not access via https. There was a problem such as. After switching to AWS, the certificate is automatically renewed and you can use it without forgetting to renew it. Also, by using CloudFront, you can use the edge server, and the display of the web page has become much faster even if you are in Thailand. By duplicating the Web server, stable content distribution has become possible.

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    Server using AWS

    In addition, some applications are developed in-house. The figure below is the AWS environment used for development with Laravel. This environment is mainly aimed at managing customers and providing services to customers, but since it is accessed by thousands of customers and especially the closing process of payment at the end of the month requires heavy processing, processing is required.

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    Developed with Laravel

    The advantages and disadvantages I feel while using the AWS Cloud system are as follows.


    Memory, CPU, storage capacity, etc. can be easily expanded.

    Significantly reduce the burden on IT

    Since there are almost no failures, there is no need to deal with failures, and the work of IT administrators such as hardware maintenance and backup can be reduced.

    No space is required to place the server.

    Until now, it is no longer necessary to create a server room, cool the air conditioner for 24 hours, and install a UPS for the server in the second year to replace the battery.

    High degree of freedom

    You can use a free environment unlike a shared server

    Test environment

    You can easily create and delete test environments.


    Backup and recovery can be done easily.


    Since the data and system are on the cloud, business continuity is possible even in the event of a disaster. I think it can also be used for IT Audit.

    Difficult to budget costs

    Since it is a pay-as-you-go charge, it is difficult to budget the cost compared to a flat-rate service.

    Know-how required

    AWS has over 100 services. We think it is necessary to determine which service is appropriate, knowledge about installation, and create a system that allows users to manage operations after installation.

    Comment from Mr. Shiotani (a2network)

    I have been working in Thailand for over 10 years. Since the network environment is much better than before, it is easier to use the cloud environment. In particular, he is an in-house IT person who operates a server on-premises, and for those who support computers, I think that it can lead to reduction of work man-hours, simplification of support support, cost reduction, etc., so it is recommended to move to AWS.

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    This case uses AWS consulting of Classmethod.

    For Classmethod, AWS consulting, engineers propose AWS cloud infrastructure design and service selection that match your requirements. Utilizing AWS is extensive knowledge, we will carefully advise you from cost reduction to high-performance configuration.

    Case Study : Using AWS through Classmethod MemberService

    Classmethod supports a wide range of customer implementations of AWS while offering tailored AWS implementations to suit customer requests, such as infrastructure building support. cloud migration and discounts on AWS usage fees and billing in Thai Baht.”

    See AWS in more detail
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