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Utilize AWS on recruitement website
for cost down and safety.
TalentEx (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Managing Director: Yojiro Koshi

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  • Do not know appropriate cost optimization on AWS, therefore, we use the exact same infrastructure plan and setting as before.
  • Feel worried because we lack of AWS know-how.

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  • Reduce AWS usage costs more than 50% by receiving advices to set up system and monitor AWS usage costs.
  • Receive cooperate from experts and be able to use AWS safely
  • Save more money every month by becoming a Classmethod Members.

    TalentEx (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been running a recruitment site business for Japanese-speaking Thai people called Waku Waku.

    WakuWaku is a recruitment site specializing in finding Thai staff’s who can speak Japanese for Japanese companies. For example, you can easily search for and interview candidates with difficult-to-find skill sets, such as those who have Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1 (N1) and Certified Accountant (CPA) qualifications. Used by many Japanese companies in Thailand, WakuWaku’s strength point is to have large database included more than 20,000 job seekers, and 1000+ companies. This is one of the largest Japanese language speakers database’s in Thailand.

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    Japan JOB FAIR 2018

    Being worried when contracting directly with AWS

    At an early stage of developing process, TalentEx had contracted with AWS directly and developed system with external engineer team. After publishing WakuWaku web page, we have developed and maintained the AWS system inside the company. There are needs to develop additional systems for the website, but there is no staff who is able to take care of the system infrastructure system all time. As a result we have a lot of concerns during the development whether the system will be able to use safely.

    Succeeded in reducing costs more than 50%

    Service discounts affect the decision to switched from contracting directly with AWS to using it through Classmethod Members. Under the epidemic situation of Covid-19, Thailand economy has dropped, and affected WakuWaku’s business. Therefore, we planed to reduce various fixed costs within the organization. To continuously operate business, TalentEX decided to examine the costs, including the cost of using the system. At that time, we decided to consult with Classmethod Thailand to get opinions from AWS Cloud experts and receive configuration reviews. After monitoring the costs of running AWS , we can scaled down the system and reduced cost by up to 50%.

    Consider utilize AWS functions such as AI (Machine Learning) In the future

    The impact of the Covid-19 epidemic situation has decreased The economy in Thailand is recovering. As a result, the company’s recruitment business in Thailand has became better, and WakuWaku’s business is in a better situation as well. When asked about the expectations from Classmethod Thailand for helping AWS deployments in future, Kochi said: “After our business returned to normal operations again, We planed to increase the number of users of the WakuWaku website and improve the website functionality further. We would like to seek cooperation from Classmethod for further development and enhancing more reliability with AWS implementation, We would like to discuss the deeper usage of AWS especially about AI and machine learning , etc.

    In addition, Mr. Kochi, Managing Director in Thailand, said, “If you are a manager with no IT experiences and are using AWS to run your business. You can consult Classmethod Thailand for a more secure and cost-effective implementation. And even if you have an inside IT engineer, using AWS through Classmethod Members can save you even more.

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    TalentEx (Thailand) Co., Ltd. : Managing Director Yojiro Koshi

    From the era of the epidemic situation of the new covid-19 virus that affected business to today’s era of business revitalization and expansion, Classmethod Thailand recommends how to use AWS that best suits our business situation. and will continue to support TalentEX’s business activities.

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    From the Classmethod Thailand representative

    In the interview, Mr. Koshi said, ”The satisfaction level of Classmethod Members is 120%”. because system work and also reduce the cost of using the system in an unexpected amount It allows us to get through this difficult situation. Classmethod Thailand is delighted to have the opportunity to provide AWS cloud support services to a group of companies in Thailand. Classmethod Thailand will be continue to support TalentEX with the knowledge we have. To help develop every business that is going to happen in the future.

    Case Study : Using AWS through Classmethod MemberService

    Classmethod supports a wide range of customer implementations of AWS while offering tailored AWS implementations to suit customer requests, such as infrastructure building support. cloud migration and discounts on AWS usage fees and billing in Thai Baht.”

    See AWS in more detail
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