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  • Limited resources for learning AWS.
  • There are no experts available to provide guidance on using AWS.
  • Unable to understand and verify AWS usage charges on the invoice.
  • Unable to monitor service usage of the AWS account.


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  • Learned about AWS from over 650 Thai articles on the DevelopersIO blog by Classmethod.
  • Asked for AWS usage advice from the Technical Support team with no costs.
  • Checked AWS expenses monthly through the Classmethod Members Portal.
  • Monitored the usage of various services in your AWS account at any time.


Currently, the world is rapidly evolving with technology, and businesses are leveraging new innovations to gain competitive advantages. In the IT sector, it is undeniable that many businesses are migrating to cloud systems, which has become a fiercely competitive market over the past few years. Service providers (including agents) are emphasizing their unique selling points to attract customers in this area. However, at the same time, cloud knowledge and awareness in Thailand have not yet widely spread or gained significant attention in the country.

One important factor in customer decision-making is “comfortability of access to information.”

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Mr.Salatun, a System Admin at Pumpkin Co., Ltd., has been tasked with overseeing the company's website hosted on the AWS cloud. Despite being initially unfamiliar with this public cloud provider, they are actively seeking knowledge online to better understand it. Mr.Salatun has found helpful resources from Classmethod through DevelopersIO, which have provided valuable insights.

“Previously, our company used On-Premise Windows Server. However, we wanted a tool to facilitate collaboration with our international offices, so we explored cloud solutions. AWS came highly recommended for its reputation and reliability, prompting Pumpkin to decide to migrate to AWS. We have been using AWS for the past 3 years now.”

AWS experiences

“Besides the reputation and reliability of AWS, another aspect that I particularly appreciate about this public cloud provider is its 'Pay-As-You-Go' model.”, Mr.Salatun said.

“The cost is really cheap. You pay by the hour, use less, pay less. No need to buy and keep unused resources like with local clouds at fixed prices today,” said Mr.Salatun.

However, since most of AWS knowledge is in English and includes technical terms, Mr.Salatun often needs to look up the meanings of these terms. They don't know who to ask, until finding Classmethod.

How did you know about Classmethod ?

“After transitioning to using AWS, I was not familiar with it. I constantly sought information and knowledge about this cloud provider. However, much of the information, including their official websites, is primarily in English. Even if there is Thai language content, it often uses specialized vocabulary. Therefore, I had to gather information from various sources to help me understand better. That is when I came across the DevelopersIO blog and had the opportunity to read AWS articles written by the Classmethod team. These articles are well-organized, concise, and use easily understandable language. I decided to contact Classmethod to inquire about account migration because I found their resources very helpful and easy to comprehend.” After switching to using AWS with Classmethod since December 2023, Mr.Salatun provided an interview.

Using AWS through Classmethod

In addition to finding information from articles on the DevelopersIO blog, when Mr.Salatun needs information beyond what those articles provide, they can also use the Technical Support service to create a ticket and request guidance from the Classmethod team. This can be done through the private portal called Classmethod Members Portal (CMP).

Mr.Salatun say, “Usually, when I need a quick answer, I read articles. If the answer isn't there, I use a ticket, and the team responds fairly quickly. Plus, they often provide additional guidance that covers my questions.”

“At Pumpkin, we collaborate with an outsourced team. Whenever the outsourced team makes any changes to our account, we can monitor everything directly. Oh, before we switched to Classmethod, when we received bills, we often didn't understand how the numbers on those bills were calculated or where they came from. But now, after switching, we can check each bill to see where each cost figure originates by cross-referencing it with the usage details listed on CMP.”

“I trust Classmethod because, in addition to the 3% discount, they provide easy-to-understand usage details and allow us to check when a service started and what the charges are. When we receive the bill, we can pay without any doubts,” said Mr.Salatun.

The services being used

Currently, Pumpkin primarily relies on database services to leverage data for company operations. They also use Amazon Lightsail for its convenient fixed pricing, aiding in cost calculations. Additionally, they utilize EC2 instances to enhance connectivity speed with international branches. Other services include Amazon ECS for container management and AWS Lambda for serverless processing.

After this

Responsive image Even though Pumpkin and Mr.Salatun haven't started any new projects recently, Mr.Salatun want to give encourage to others in the industry to open up and use cloud services more. They also generously recommend Classmethod's services to increase awareness. Classmethod sincerely thanks Pumpkin and Mr.Salatun for their trust and for choosing to use their services.

Case Study : Using AWS through Classmethod MemberService

Classmethod supports a wide range of customer implementations of AWS while offering tailored AWS implementations to suit customer requests, such as infrastructure building support. cloud migration and discounts on AWS usage fees and billing in Thai Baht.”

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