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Provides comprehensive support for

all uses of AWS.

Classmethod provides comprehensive support to create an environment for using AWS to provide the best performance and security.

Why us ?


AWS is so popular in World. It has service of 2 regions in ASEAN currently. We are one of most popular as AWS Cloud Service Partner in Japan.

We have over 200 AWS Certified Professional Engineers and more than 3,000 companies experience customer care with over 15,000 AWS accounts.

We are confident that you will receive a technical advisor to your AWS implementation and help you solve your problems effectively.

  • Selected as AWS Services Partner of the Year Japan 2018, 2020 and 2021
  • Accredited as AWS Premier Service Partners for 8 consecutive years
  • Accredited certificate more than 2000+. 73 Engineers who achieved all AWS certificate.
  • About AWS Services Partner of the Year Japan

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    Classmethod Members

    Advantage of using Classmethod members service

    We suggest to support and consult your cloud migration to AWS. Managing the infrastructure to create an environment for using AWS provides the most efficiency and security. We provide 3% OFF of all AWS service usage. So that customers can focus on their business fully. We are ready to provide complete solutions and maintenance using Classmethod Members.

    AWS directly and Classmethod Members comparison table

    AWS direct contract Classmethod Members (TH) (Reseller contract)
    Contractor AWS Classmethod (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
    How to apply Web Application form
    AWS account issue period Issued on the same day Estimated: about 3 business days
    Classmethod Members Login Information - Estimated: about 3 business days
    Payment Method Credit card (Invoice payment is possible conditionally) Invoice payment (bank transfer)
    Billing: Invoice issuance Around 3-7 days after the month of use Around 10-15 days after the month of use
    Billing: issuance in writing - correspondence
    Billing: Payment date Payment date under customer contract with credit card company Invoice payment / payment within 15 days
    Billing: Advance payment request timing at the time of RI / SP purchase Billed at purchase Payment at the end of the following month (same timing as AWS usage fee billing)
    AWS usage fee - 3% discount service
    Billing fee - Free
    RI / SP purchase Self-purchase possible Self-purchase available (support available at the time of purchase)
    Technical support: channel Web (Application form) / email / phone / chat Web (Application form) / email / phone)
    Technical support: language Japanese/English Detail Japanese/English/Thai
    Technical support: Reception / response time - For AWS Enterprise Support
    - 24/7 reception / response, unlimited number
    unlimited number
    - General Guidance: Within 24 Hours
    - Production system failure: Within 4 Hours
    - Production system down:Within 1 Hours
    - Business Critical System Down: Within 15 Minutes
    - Please refer to the following page except for enterprise support
    - 24/7 reception / response, unlimited number
    - Normal inquiry: Within 24 Hours
    - Failure / Development Urgent Inquiries : Within 12 Hours
    - Failure occurring : Within 4 hours
    - Failure during occurrence (large impact on business) : Within 1 hour
    Detail (Japanese)
    - Thai language support is available from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays.
    Technical support: price Paid (Developers, Business, Enterprise) Free of charge)
    Customer: channel Web (Application form) Web (Application form)
    Support: language Japanese/English Detail Japanese/English/Thai
    Support: Reception / response time - Japanese: Weekdays 9:00 - 18:00 (Japan time)
    - English: 24 hours a day
    - Available from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays (Japan time)
    - Reception is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    Support: price Free of charge Free of charge
    Maintenance notice: channel Email / AWS Personal Health Dashboard Email / AWS Personal Health Dashboard
    Maintenance notice: language English Japanese/English
    Root user Managed by the user Managed by Classmethod
    IAM User creates IAM user - Classmethod created and provided by the initial IAM user
    - Additional IAM users can be created on your behalf
    Security Notify by email when a security incident occurs detected by AWS - Classmethod implements security basic settings
    - Notify by email when a security incident is detected by AWS
    - Supports investigation when access key leaks
    - Supports warning investigations regarding Abuse (Unauthorized use of AWS resources)
    - Root user access key invalidation guidance and support
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    3% OFF

    All AWS Services

    discount on all tools.

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    Thai, Japanese, English Technical Support

    Provide AWS-equivalent content support.

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    THB Billing

    Payment by Invoice
    No credit card required

    Compared to contracting directly with AWS and helping class method membership contracts

    Save 13%

    Q. what is the difference between executing a direct contract with AWS and executing a contract with Classmethod?

    A. When you become a Classmethod member, you will be provided a discount for using AWS and Technical Support for free. Please see details below. (Will be described in another sheet)

    Q. If I have already signed the contract with AWS, is it possible to be a member of Classmethod?

    A. You can transfer your existing AWS account. In this case, the transfer process will have been done by Classmethod for free of charge. Hence, you do not need to rebuild your new account. For instance, we can transfer your account which is using AWS EC2 without any changes.

    Q. How long does it take to publish an AWS account?

    A. It will take 1 - 2 business days for publishing a new account. On the other hand, it will take around 15 business days for transferring an existing account. Please contact us for further information.

    Q. Could you tell me about the payment method and payment cycle of Classmethod?

    A. The payment will be made by bank transfer in Thai Baht (THB). For exchange rate, we use Average Selling Rates of Bank of Thailand. The customers must pay within 15 days after an invoice was issued.

    Q. Could you tell me more about AWS support service? Is it free of charge?

    A. We offer 24/7 AWS support service for free of charge. Because Classmethod has applied the AWS enterprise plan, so our customers do not need to make an individual contract for getting more support. In addition, if there is any problem with your AWS system or if you want to change your AWS usage limits, we also offer these services for free.

    Q. Could you install, manage and monitor AWS system for me?

    A. We can install, manage and monitor AWS system for you. However, the price depends on details, please contact us by filling the form in contact page.

    Q. What is the Thai baht currency exchange rate for AWS service charges ?

    A. for exchange rate will use the Bank of Thailand is Average Selling Rates

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