We reduced the time to build and manage our infrastructure with AWS and Classmethod's technical support

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  • Struggled with complex design infrastructure.
  • Had difficulty in studying AWS Cloud without standard knowledge.
  • Needed a partner to consult about how to use AWS Cloud.


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  • Reduced time for designing infrastructure.
  • Consult with Classmethod's technical support 24/7.


How did you know about Classmethod ?

Undefined has always wanted to know more about the AWS cloud and was looking for a AWS partner in Thailand. Then, we found Classmethod, which has a lot of potential and good background as a company, so we decided to contact Classmethod through their website.

Have you ever attended Classmethod seminar ?

I have attended Classmethod seminar before, but I have to admit that I didn’t quite understand it at the beginning. As AWS cloud has so many features and services, it was hard for beginners to completely understand all of it. But AWS and Classmethod’s articles (DevelopersIO) helped me understand AWS a lot easier.

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Undefined website: https://undefined.co.th/

How much can DevelopersIO technical blogs support you ?

The content of DevelopersIO blogs explained various services of AWS and helped me solve various problems. They might not be able to tell exactly what you need to do, because there are different ways to configure AWS, depending on the situation that the company wants to achieve. However, the blogs support us to archive your goal.

Classmethod’s blogs are mostly an overall concept or standard information, which definitely help us to reach our goal. However, we also need to study more for the details, too.

What is your first expectation for Classmethod ?

Firstly, we expected mainly technical support because sometimes we can not configure servers by ourselves. So instead of searching for information, we think finding a partner to help us is the best way. Especially a partner in Thailand, so we would be able to communicate more easily and faster.

For example, when our customers have problems about AWS, we would be able to help them immediately. It is better than waiting for a few days until we can answer our customers is questions,
This may be a loss of opportunities if we have to wait for an answer from other partners.

Did Classmethod supports meet your expectations ?

We appreciate and are impressed with the services of Classmethod. Classmethod fulfills the part that our team still lacks, such as infrastructure knowledge. If we already have a good infrastructure designed by experts, it would be easier when explaining to our customers what infrastructure plan we will use.

Moreover, Classmethod helps us save time so that we can use our time productively by focusing on other tasks as well.

As an application developer company, do you think having a partner providing structural consulting is necessary ?

I think it is necessary. Because most of our staff are developers, furthermore, we do not have software engineers who can create infrastructure configurations. So having a specialized partner could technically help us, and also help save both cost and time.

How was the service provided by the support team ?

It is good. When we have any questions, we can ask and get answers on point. Not only that, the technical support team works quite fast. If we ask in the morning, we usually get replies no later than the evening on the same day, which impressed us a lot.

Can Classmethod Members support everything you want ?

Yes, for now Classmethod members can cover(support) all about AWS services as we want. And we are looking forward to see how Classmethod will support us for the bigger projects in the future.

What do you think about Classmethod’s billing system ?

The billing system can help us a lot, because it makes us see how much we spend each day, then we can control all costs. Not only for our usage but also for our on-hand customers‘ usage. We can check about services we have used each day or each month in “Classmethod Members Portal” which is easy to understand

What impressed you the most about Classmethod ?

Above being AWS partner, we initially chose Classmethod because Classmethod is a Japanese company, which in our experience, most Japanese companies are dedicated and hardworking, so we can assure you that every work will turn out well. And apart from that, working with foreign companies could be better for us when we want to expand our company to international market.

Future expectations towards Classmethod

At this point, I don’t think there is anything we expect more from Classmethod. I think this is good right now because we can count on Classmethod when we have problems and also ask for advice about infrastructure when needed.

What would you like to say to those who are interested in using the cloud ?

Nowadays, cloud services are quite widely available. There are many sizes of cloud providers from small local businesses to public cloud providers. Some people consider that using a big public cloud provider is expensive compared to others with the same spec. However, the pros of using a big public cloud are tremendous. You will get licensed software, Trustable security, free tier services, and most importantly, back up.
Compared to small local cloud providers which are considered cheaper, many people forgot that if there is a problem happening to the server, the risk of losing information is higher than public cloud providers which might be less than 1% of losing data.
If you have a big project or very important information which, if lost, will cause massive effects on a company to lose opportunities or revenue. Choosing an efficient cloud may be a more cost-effective investment.

Responsive image I would like to give suggestions when deciding to use any cloud. You need to think and consider many aspects. Don’t just look at price or specs because there may be some things that are important to your work as well, such as security, backups, or future risks. Classmethod and AWS can answer this question for us.

Case Study : Using AWS through Classmethod MemberService

Classmethod supports a wide range of customer implementations of AWS while offering tailored AWS implementations to suit customer requests, such as infrastructure building support. cloud migration and discounts on AWS usage fees and billing in Thai Baht.”

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