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Amazon Connect

Cloud-based call center system

It is a call center system that has no initial cost, Calculate cost by pay-as-you-go, Low price with easily use advanced functions.

Easily create the functions for the call center

In the past, PBX, CTI, IVR, and other systems could only be used on a large scale, but Amazon Connect alone provides all the features. Since it can be set from a simple GUI screen, you can build a call center in-house with intuitive operations.

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There is no initial cost for billing notification system

In the past, Function that could only be used by setting the price according to the number of operators or by charging per server. However, with Amazon Connect, there is no initial cost, you only have to pay according to the use time, and you can start using it at a low cost.

Supports to call centers service to large-scale call centers.

With only simple features like simple voicemail, answering machines, and call forwarding, you have the flexibility to change your phone response for WHF. You can also build a large call center with advanced features. All functions are pay-as-you-go, so the billing system is based on the charges used.

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